Sunday, October 24, 2004

Wonder Years 

Is there a better time to be a Boston fan? I can think of only one point in my life where it rivaled this and it just so happened to coincide with the formative years of my sports obsession. 1985 – 86.

The Pats lost (in epic fashion) in the Super Bowl. The Red Sox lost (in tragic fashion) in the World Series. But it was the Celtics that took home the title with perhaps the best team put together in the big 3 years.

This year, the Celtics have been somewhat left behind by the other clubs, but I’m still as excited about their future as I’ve been in many years. The Pats have established themselves as the standard bearers of the NFL and now the “Idiots” have already made history and are angling to end “the Curse.” I’ll take that.

People wonder out loud what identity Red Sox fans would have if the team won the Series. To that I respond, “who cares?” We’re itching to get rid of this lovable loser identity. Its not as though we’ll become some overconfident pompous front-runners. We would just be so ecstatic, relieved, drained, bleary eyed, and downright happy, that we won’t care a lick what “identity” others associate with us.

So pour it on, give us the title we fans have been (annoyingly) pining for and that the Sox owners have been paying for. We are getting a pass for spending like the Yanks because we haven’t enjoyed the success that they have. A title might change all that, but that’s worth it too. Change the rules next year if you have to. Take all our money and players away this offseason if you must. Just let us have this one title. We’re ready to keep these wonder years going.

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