Friday, October 22, 2004

Roger Bomb 

My feelings on the Roger bomb were perplexing even to myself.

On one hand, seeing him get bombed gave me guilty satisfaction - only guilty because for the first time in his career, he was pitching for his home town/state team to get their Cinderella glass slipper. Oh well, nice run for the Stros, but I’m glad Roger got shelled.

On the flip, I'm looking at Pu-holes, Edmonds, Rolen, Walker (when Larry is an afterthought, ...wow), and I'm wondering why the Yanks lineup scared me so much

Some side factors:

- have the Cards hitters seen a knuckler? like, ever?
- Cards WILL bunt on Schil, and they'll run, hit-and-run, and do all the things that baseball purists adore
- Pedro gets to bat - I wonder if the pitchers will buzz him a few times, just for fun (I would if I were them)
- Francona has no experience in the WS, but at least he has experience managing a NL team. So in theory, he won't dive under the bench at the first sign of a double-switch.

Looking ahead briefly, I noticed that after Schil (rightly) blasted ARod while giving Jeter/Torre/Bernie props, they asked Pedro about The Slap, and he dismissed it as a reaction-in-the-moment thing. Something tells me that crazy-ass Daddy-Boy didn't want to put any more barriers between him and the upcoming Yankee courtship ...before eventually spurning them for the Angels.

I've already informed my boss that if the Sox manage to pull this off, I'm taking a personal holiday.

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