Thursday, October 21, 2004

Edelin is Back! 

I just read some awesome news. Apparently, Syracuse is going to be even better than originally thought. Billy Edelin was given clearance to play the entire season by NCAA. Honestly I am shocked. This kid has had a rough stint in college (other having a ring) and I'm glad to see he was given a break, finally.

So as it stands- The starting 5 look like this-
PG- Edelin
SG- MacNamara
SF- Josh Pace (coming in stronger and with a mid-range jumper)
PF- Hakim Warrick (bulked-up with outside range)
C - Craig Forth (smaller and quicker)

Coming off the bench-
PG- Josh Wright- Explosive and quick Frosh
SG- Louis McCrosky
SF- Demitrious Nichols- soph starter from last year
PF- Terrence Roberts- strong rebounder off the bench
PF- Rodney Wright- Frosh form Oak Hill
C- Darryl Watkins
PF/C - Matt Gorman

This team is scary. They are almost too good. I hope I am not getting my hopes up too much.

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