Thursday, October 28, 2004


It's almost a surreal moment. Most of those in my house had to take time to let it sink in. 86 years total, 25 for me and it's done. The RED SOX WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!

I still can't tell you everything in my head, because it just hasn't collected itself yet. I spent the rest of the ALCS and the World Series not writing because I was afraid it would be messing with Karma.

I had friends call me to spend the game with me and I almost said NO, because I didn't know if it would upset what I felt was out delicate Karma. It wasn't until I turned on PTI and Jay Marrioti continued to bash the SOX that I knew it was ok to breach the normal etiquette.

I wore foot holes in my rug from standing in the same place throughout the playoffs. No vacuum will remove those spots.

I let my entire Townhouse development know that I was a SOX fan when it was over, as if they didn't already know from weeks of me cheering at the top of my lungs.

I have dreamed the dream. A new tatoo waits. A marriage now waits, already blessed by the Sox win. My soul just now has to get used to the idea that it's all said and done. MLB.com will love me and my relatives in the next few days, because I'm going to collect 25+ years of frustratation in the next few days.

I wish I could cry, but while the thought has come to me, the physical reaction hasn't completely hit me yet. I'm still in the yelling stage right now. It's beyond belief.

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